The Capsule Machine Size "00"

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The Capsule Machine Size "00"

Product Information

The Capsule Machine - Size "00"

•Automatically joins and ejects filled capsules

•Faster and easier to use than other products available

•Fills 24 capsules in two minutes!

Capsules Are Sold Separately.  Be sure to order the capsules as well as the machine.

1. 2.
  • Put base on stand.
  • Separate capsules.
  • Put longer part of capsule in base, shorter part in top (open ends up).
  • Put base on shallow bowl or plate.
  • Pour powder.
  • Spread with enclosed card.
3. 4.
  • Use tamping tool to compact powder, if desired, and then pour in more powder
  • Spread excess off of open corner into bowl or plate
  • Replace top
  • Remove CAPSULE MACHINE from stand
  • Put on flat surface
  • Press down firmly until unit bottoms out
5. 6.
  • Capsules are automatically joined and held in top.
  • Press top evenly and firmly...capsule are automatically ejected


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